Friday, October 15, 2010

Q is for

Fit For A King & Queen

I'm not sure this would be classified as an antique shop or not. Indeed they bill themselves as Antiques and Uniques. I'll say! They have quite a quirky quantity of goods for sale.

I give their windows a quizzical look every time I pass by.

They've been on the square for some time now and in fact they quickly outgrew their first location further up the street and had to spread into two other nearby shops.

Earlier in the year they were able to move into this large space and consolidate all their goods.

If you're on a quest for something unusual, this is the place to start looking.


YesterUkes said...

Reminds me of another antique--the old TV show "Queen For A Day."

minipurl said...

Queen for a day!! Sign me up :)

Mary said...

Quite a quality post!

Sheri said...

Quickly reminds me of my quest to get the quite full attic cleaned of it's junk, before it becomes like King and Queen. Q is a really hard one, but, I tried!
Loving this cool air! LONG SLEEVES today. :o)