Sunday, October 10, 2010

P is for


There are a number of good restaurants on the square, but I generally eat a quick sandwich from home at my desk. When I do go out for something, I confess I generally wind up here, Marietta Pizza Company.

The pizza is great and you can get it by the slice and they have some wonderful salads as well. This picture was taken Friday the 8th and it was a warm day with plenty of people wearing shorts. All the outdoor tables were full of happy pizza eaters.

Tired of pizza?
How about a pot pie? I generally get Paul's chicken salad. Maybe if it ever gets really cool, I'll try a pot pie.

Next door to Paul's is a Pilates studio.
Probably won't try that.

It was such a pretty day that I walked on down to check on the progress of our new parking deck. You know the $7+ million one.

They are putting it up rather quickly. Seems like just weeks ago (actually June) they were just demolishing the building that stood there previously. The crane just lifts giant pieces into place almost like Legos.

I wasn't able to get a picture of any of our new Pedicabs. If you come to visit, a short guided tour in a pedicab might be a fun thing to do.

And lastly, since this blog is all about stringplay you know, P is for passementerie.

I had to stop and admire the tablecloths on the tables outside the Turkish restaurant, Kybele, as I passed by.

Aren't they pretty!

I had such a pleasant walk around the square.


Mary said...

Pizza, pedicabs and a pricey public project? Are you sure you're not in NYC?

Sheri said...

LOL I like Mary's comment. Very good "walk" for me around the square too. Someday I'm going to visit that square and wonder why it all looks so familiar. Thanks for the stroll!

minipurl said...

Enjoyed my walk around Marietta and now crave pizza and a trip to NYC