Friday, October 8, 2010

O is for


I had to stretch to get this one as there didn't seem to be many O's around the square.

Still I knew I wanted to include the phone company building which has been at the south end of the square since 1899 - going through several different names through the years: Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph, Southern Bell, and is currently AT&T.

I recall my best friend's sister being thrilled to land a job there just after high school. No operators down the street now; just a lot of equipment.

This operator's switchboard from the 1950s is on display at the Marietta Museum of History.

Remember DIALS?

I feel Old.


YesterUkes said...

My grandmother was a telephone operator for our town before she married. Think only one at a time was necessary.

And yesterday I just read the "recipe" for the candy corn and peanut mix. Ahhh, another temptation.

Sheri said...

I'm in your neck of the woods and my son and I went into an antique store/house today looking for an old dial telephone for the old, restored telephone table I bought about a year ago. I remember them very well, and son bought one on e-bay awhile back and we never had that type since he's been around. Memories!

Mary said...

I used to work for an answering service when i was in college and the set-up was a lot like the one pictured in your blog. Oh, the stories I could tell!