Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Stretch

Knitting for Sanity. Perhaps I should rename the blog.

I've been holding out on you. I have been playing some lately with something other than string. Watercolors!

A friend - a stitching friend mind you - signed up for a very inexpensive 8-week session. I may have said when she told me about it that I had always wanted to try watercolors. Next thing I knew I was buying supplies. You've been there. You know how easily these things can happen!

Well my 'pieces' won't be popping up here. They are not exactly art. Still I'm not regretting the time. It has been a nice introduction and one I would have never carved out the time for otherwise. But best of all, after each Tuesday session, we stop off for coffee (and cookies usually) and a chat. That has been quite beneficial and I'm going to miss it, I know, when the class is over. I come home relaxed and restored.

I usually have a bit of knitting with me to work on and the sock you see above was cast on last week over coffee and is my new car knitting.

This is a basic 2x2 ribbed sock in Patons Stretch which has 7% elastic. Pretty soft and I'm enjoying it so far.


Sheri said...

Oh, I do love those cute bags you keep making! And I'm envious of your coffee, cookies and knitting time with your friend. It all sounds so wonderful.
And it's a nice sock too.
Sheri in SE GA

Mary said...

Not even a tiny peek of a watercolor? Please???? I'll send you some cookies.