Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I think I mentioned weaknesses. Well I also have a fondness for antique postcards. I started with a small collection of Christmas postcards but have picked up a few for other holidays when I have happened upon some at a good price.
I love the artwork, the fact that they were loved and saved (at least for a time until they wound up in the antique store), and the short, sometimes choppy, greetings on the back.
You can see that this one had a bit of damage on the front, but still the lily is lovely I think.

The message on the reverse of this one reads:

"Dear Cousin, I have really forgotten your address but hope you receive this card & I will try & write soon. I am improving very slowly Carrie"

postmarked in Oil City, PA March 21, 1913.
I cannot make out the city name to which it was addressed, but indeed it was marked through, I assume by the postal service, and a new city written in below in a different hand.
And just as a curious aside, and because I can find all this on the internet easily, Easter in 1913 was on March 23, an unusually early Easter. In fact, 2008 was the first year since 1913 to have fallen so early.
Click here to see 1913 Easter parade on 5th Avenue or here to see three fashionable women strolling along 5th Avenue
Links especially for Mary who has in the past had some outstanding photos of fancy hats in the NYC Easter parade!


Mary said...

Love the photos! Have a good Easter!

Sheri said...

Imagine how few people there must have been in that part of PA for the postman to know exactly where a mismarked postcard was going?

Pictures of NYC are great. The crowds sure are little compared to today.

Happy, Happy Easter.