Sunday, April 19, 2009

Embracing mediocrity one string at a time

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and I spent it in the company of dear, and fun, friend. I do not discount that adjective 'fun'. It was relaxation and fun that I was craving. Kay is always a delight to be around and I think we both enjoyed the day.

We started out by dropping in on the Atlanta Chapter IOLI who were hosting another lace workshop, held for the first time at nearby state park Red Top Mountain Lodge. The scenery in the park was a balm and the woods were full of their own lacy white dogwoods in full bloom.

The three classes offered this year were all advanced classes and there was some lovely work on the pillows that I got to glimpse. What a LOT of talent in those three classrooms! It looked like a great workshop. Kay and I timed our visit hoping to arrive at the break and drop in and browse the vendor tables.

Lacy Susan was again there and it is so hard to resist all the wonderful string for sale. They had a good supply of lace knitting books on display including some that I never get to see 'in person'.

With so many designs already owned, it seemed ridiculous to purchase more. I contented myself with this little leaflet for a lace wreath by Diane Willet. Why, oh why, didn't I have this last year when I was struggling to come up with one of my own??

All of the colors of the new Lizbeth cotton were there. SO hard to choose among the lovely hand dyed balls! I finally decided on color 117.
Another spare Aero shuttle completed my haul.

Today, perhaps, I'll finish up the Hardanger piece I've been working on in fits and starts over several months. There are so many other tempting projects in the pipeline. But after seeing such lovely work yesterday and such focus and study, I can so completely chant the "Confessions of a Craftsperson" that I just read here.


Mary said...

Your handwork is anything but mediocre! I look at all the lovely lace (both knitted and lacework) you make and am in awe that such things are possible.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Looks like a perfect piece of Hardanger embroidery :-)