Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little side trip

... to smocking land.

Years ago I used to smock a great deal. It was fun as long as I was doing it for my own daughter, but not so much fun otherwise. [Funny how that play can turn to work.]

A friend is expecting a grandbaby in late summer and asked for help in learning to smock. I am happy to help.

Some months back I accompanied her to the SAGA convention market and she bought a pattern for a Smocker's Tote. Later she picked out fabrics and passed to me to pleat. These fabrics are lovely but were a bit heavier than my pleater liked and I ended up breaking a couple of pleater needles in the process. Ouch.

I ended up finishing out those two rows by hand which seemed easier and quicker in the long run and posed no threat to my remaining pleater needles. Still, lovely fabric and this should be a fun project when we get started.

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