Friday, February 6, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

For the longest time I was sure this book was FICTION.

Just like this one!

Joy? Seriously? I don't think so.
Over the years I had tried numerous times to learn to knit and never seemed to succeed. It was too frustrating. Finally, one day, the time was right. Good thing, too, as knitting is the perfect needlework for me right now - extremely portable, quite varied, easy to pick up and put down, challenging and yet very soothing. Who could ask for more?
But still I remained quite intimidated. It seemed Elizabeth thought I knew how to knit more than I thought I did. I wanted more hand-holding. It couldn't possibly be as simple as she tried to make me believe.
Yet every time I saw one of her patterns pop up on blogs and Ravelry, the knitter was raving.
So when I found the book on the sale table at Borders for only $3.99!!! I grabbed it. I read it. I was still intimidated.
Sometime before Christmas a big, soft bag arrived in the mailbox from Mary. Inside was quite a bit of Galway Highland Heather yarn in my absolute FAVORITE color; a deep dark green. Mary thought I might could use it in some felting projects. I thought why not TRY a sweater. It wouldn't cost me anything but time.
What you see above is the beginning of an EZ EPS - meaning I'm using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Elizabeth's Percentage System. According to this system, I take one measurement - the width I want the sweater to be - and using the gauge I get with the yarn I use, come up with the magic number for cast on. From there on all other numbers are a percentage of that magic number. (I don't think EZ actually calls it magic, but it must be, right?)
So, as we here in the deep South begin to warm up and head into spring, I start a 100% wool sweater. TIMING is everything they say.


Mary said...

I can't wait to see that sweater!

Sheri said...

And I bet it will be beautiful!