Sunday, February 22, 2009

Define crazy

Could you define crazy for me? 'Cause I think I have it.

The idea for the EPS seamless sweater was to start knitting the body with the first full ball of yarn and when it ran out to start a sleeve. E.Z. quite sanely suggests starting a sleeve (20% of the body's magic number) while you're still working on the body as it will be "quite a small piece of knitting, and can accompany you on trips, or live in its basket in the kitchen, waiting for any spare attention you can give it".

So I started the sleeve on dpns, worked a little garter for the cuff edge and came to a screeching halt. I'm to mark three stitches for the vertical underarm and will work increases [M1] on either side - every 4 rounds, I think.

About here is where the craziness ensues. I find this almost terrifying. See! Crazy!

Working an Estonian shawl full of nupps, with a separate sewn-on edging and only an illustration to go by? No sweat. Knit a sock with several different charts? So what. But increase? Up a sleeve? By directions that take about two sentences? I'm a puddle of nerves.

I've tried to examine this. Is it because there are no step-by-step instructions or because I can't see or feel my way ahead? I'm not sure. I think it's more that I don't have faith in the process. I don't believe I can do it. And, as I type this, I'm convinced it has much to do with not having a concrete chart. Without a chart I can get lost; go off course, forget to increase; lose track. And here's the clincher: not know what I did when the time comes to replicate for sleeve #2.

Well, that's what The Patented Hatch-Mark System is for. I will make a chart. It's still crazy, but in a planned, controlled way. (Don't tell E.Z., 'kay?)


Love to Stitch 99 said...

...... and me who is only restarting knitting after decades of not knitting at all (grinning)

I am a chart kind of girl too. I like to know and see where I am going, so I understand how you can feel about this.

Good luck. Will be watching your progress :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Mary said...

I also need to chart, re-write, check-off. It's the end product that matters. Who cares how you got there?

kaylace said...

Its Kaylace... I think that you've gone over the hill just working in dark yarn. You know the trouble I was having with recognizing the stitches on those shiny Addi needles, what are you doing????? :)

Sheri said...

just take it one little step at a time and you'll get it. Reading ahead isn't recommended on EZ's patterns/directions/recipe's. I know you can do it. You can do those dang pleats!