Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beads instead of nupps

[Blogland's most boring post title, but my mind is blank.]

Thank you to my two loyal readers and commenters for the encouragement on the start of a sweater. It reached the 70s today. The irony was not lost on me!

The sweater is to be an off-and-on project. It is a lot of stockinette in the round and will be perfect for a travel project - at least until the sleeves get attached and it becomes a little cumbersome for lugging about.

Repeating patterns, specifically lace, and more specifically Estonian lace, is my current obsession. I had started this scarf version of Estonian Garden (Fiber Trends S-2009) just before Christmas when I was craving soft alpaca. This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine so not a laceweight yarn. At the time I started it I was just trying hard to knit something other than an Evelyn A. Clark triangle. You know how I love them!

I thought this yarn a little thick for nupps and had always planned on substituting beads. I don't know if you've ever tried to find beads to match a yarn, but I never seem to find just the right bead. I'm not a big fan of shiny anyway. This tube contained a combination of shiny and matte and with enough variation in color, too, that I thought they just might work even though they they were a little more green than I wanted. We shall see as this project progresses.

Speaking of which I hope it progresses quickly. My Christmas present copy of "Knitted Lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush finally arrived! I'm chomping at the bit to start a project from that wonderful book. Or maybe I'm just chomping M&Ms. You know those Valentine colors have been out for weeks!


Mary said...

I think the beads are going to look great and add an interesting touch.

Sheri said...

Pretty as ever! If I didn't have a pug I think dark blue would be my new favorite color. Can't wait to see your sweater come to life.
Sheri-who's busy packing for another trip. :o)