Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Motivated Knitter

It seems that all I want to knit is lace; specifically lace shawls.
I had in my mind to branch out, maybe (finally) try a garment - a sweater. Instead a trip to the LYS, ostensibly only to browse (yeah, right!) resulted in a ball of blood red Lacey Lamb coming home with me.
I had become smitten with a red shawl that a knitter on Ravelry had made. She's made the most stunning Estonian shawl from Nancy Bush's pattern in "Piecework" a preview - a tempting foretaste - of goodies to come in her new book.
I have absolutely loved knitting Nancy's Anniversary socks. I've enjoyed every minute, but I told myself that I wouldn't start the new shawl project until the socks were done. They are in a great fall color and I didn't want to postpone them. So instead, I (happily and) furiously knit on sock 2 using my wonderful shorty dpns (5"). The only problem is that they are just short enough that the end of my right working needle began to rub a blister on my palm! Good thing I'm almost done!
Speaking of "Piecework" (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this magazine?), have your seen the preview of the next one due out Nov. 4? The cover features Nancy Bush's Extraordinary Norwegian Wedding Gloves. Oh, my. I think I'm in love.

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