Tuesday, October 14, 2008


....because, really, all I need is more patterns!

I was telling Mary only the other day that I don't know why I persist in buying Vogue Knitting. I don't fully trust the instructions, many of the projects are beyond my current knitting ability, and many are not exactly my style.

And in the whole time/patterns/materials equation, patterns are not the problem!

Still I'm off to make coffee, put my feet up and enjoy browsing through it. (Would enjoy this interlude much more if the neighbor's dog would quit his daily yelping!)

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Sheri said...

Hmm, is that the new one for this year? Haven't seen it yet, but, I agree with everything you said about that magazine. I want it, but I hate spending the money for it. Is that your beautiful shawl behind it? So, so pretty.
Heading up to Atlanta for the week. Hoping for some nice cool weather.