Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Found this postcard back in the fall and had to get it since it featured a spinning wheel. Doesn't it look like a nice, cozy scene? I hope your Christmas is equally warm and cozy.

Postmark is illegible but here is the message:

Dear Sis: just a line to let you know we are all well
Hope this finds you all the same
Wish you could all come over for Xmas.
Would like to see you all
Tell the youngsters I will send them something later on
We butchered hogs on Wed.
By by with love to all
Your Sis


Mary said...

The message certainly opens up the imagination to story or two about these sisters.

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Mimi said...

Love reading your post card posts! Hope your Christmas was cozy, too. Except for setting off the fire alarm, ours was.

Sheri said...

That was a great post card. Had a nice Christmas and hope you had the same. Going antiquing with my parents tomorrow, will have to check out post cards.

minipurl said...