Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lace ornaments

Just a few of the beautiful ornaments on the lace club's Christmas tree:

the tape lace (bobbin lace) angel at the top of the tree

a tatted snowflake; satin ball with Battenberg overlay in the background

bobbin lace round; with gold metallic leaves

a Teneriffe motif; plain bobbin in foreground

bobbin lace with gold beads

tatted snowflake; crochet garland with pearls

and faintly seen at the right - bobbin lace tree

two color tatted candy cane!

I told you that I took photos of just a few of the many lovely ornaments on the lace club's Christmas tree. What I didn't take the time to do (I may have been distracted by the food, the fun, and those tiny hats!) was make notes of which lacemaker made which ornament. If one of you from the group reads this and can help me, I'd appreciate it.


Mimi said...

These are beautiful. So glad you made the photos. My Christmas spirit is sagging a little. Seeing these helped.

trailbee said...

Thank you for the photos. These ornaments are just wonderful.
This summer I took a needle tatting class and naturally forgot most of the instruction. I am signed up for a repeat of this class in January and just seeing the tatted snowflakes gives me a goal for next Christmas.

Mary said...

So pretty!

Sheri said...

Beautiful! Tatting still escapes me.

minipurl said...

These are beautiful :)