Monday, December 5, 2011

Bread and Milk for Breakfast

Bread and milk for breakfast,

And woolen frocks to wear,

And a crumb for robin redbreast

On the cold days of the year.

Christina Rossetti - (1830-1894)

Today is the birthday of Christina Rossetti and the little poem above is just one of the sweet ones from my childhood poetry book. A better known poem might be In The Bleak Midwinter. I'll probably be humming it all day.

This photo taken this morning, paused during my daily walk, looks like a rather bleak day doesn't it? But is isn't quite midwinter and temperatures today will be in the high 50s. Rain is coming in they say. No snow on snow and no need, quite yet, for woollen frocks.

Have a lovely winter day wherever you are.


Mimi said...

You've named one of my very favorite Christmas tunes--In The Bleak Midwinter. I love the wistful sound of it. I think that often captures the seasonal feeling better than the rollicking Jingle Bell Rock-type songs. (Although I like those, too.)

And, yes, it is a bleak day in terms of weather.

Mary said...

We'll soon be having a bleak midwinter--but not today. It was sunny and close to 60 degrees. People were eating at the outdoor cafes and I saw many walking around in shirt sleeves.

Sheri said...

I'll take the snow, I'll take the cold, I'll wear the frocks, just get rid of these 70+ degree days. I'm in a t-shirt and flip flops on December 7th! It's just not right!!!!