Monday, November 14, 2011

Necessity is a Mother

Well, long time no see. Where does the time go??

We took a mini break and headed down to one of our favorite spots, Jekyll Island. Had a lovely, relaxed time which was just over before we knew it. We especially like to go in early November as we have the island almost to ourselves. Sure most of the restaurants and things are closed for the season, but we have yet to starve. [Vending machines still have M&Ms even in the off season!]

It was a bit chillier this year than in times past, and a bit windy as well, but still a Great Time. I feel so lucky to live close enough to be able to drive to the ocean in a reasonable length of time. Such a balm to the spirit, don't you think?

Anyway, here it is practically Thanksgiving and cool weather is really here (as well as mounds of falling leaves, but let's ignore them just now, ok?). My daughter has requested a pair of fingerless gloves. Not mitts, but gloves with partial fingers. I made her a cashmere pair in 2005 which she still has and wears but she wants to take care of those and needs a more everyday pair.

Back then I used the basic glove directions from the Winter 2003 issue of Knits[available in the CD collection if you're interested.] I can't recall but I think they had a plain thumb, or what is generally referred to as a peasant thumb, knit using waste yarn and no gusset. Since then I've knit mitts and mittens with gussets and I think they feel and wear a bit better.

In all my knitting books I could not find exactly what I wanted so I am going to TRY to work out what I envision using various sources. The cuff similar to Veronik Avery's Cabled Gloves in Knitting 24/7 but with a different stitch count. I'm using instead a baby cable rib from Sensational Knitted Socks and I'm only going to cable the cuff. We'll see how this goes!


Mary said...

A little of this and a little of that will make one nice fingertip-less glove!

Mimi said...

Good mama.

minipurl said...

Thanks heavens for vending machines. Just sayin'