Friday, November 18, 2011

Like a glove

It fits.

I sure am happy that I recently bought these Clover stitch markers. They make really handy stitch holders and I could hold off the calculated number of stitches for each finger separately. How handy! Handy. Get it? I crack myself up!

The first glove is finished, just no photo. The Patons Kroy sock yarn I used is thick and would make a sturdy and warm glove or mitten. I'm not sure one quite as thick (or warm) is needed this time.

So.....more yarn. I bought some Malabrigo Sock in a deep, dark purple called Velvet Grapes. Love that colorway name and I think it is working up quite nicely. The fingers will be a bit less bulky as well.

I'm a bit afraid that this thinner yarn will not be quite as forgiving when it comes to knitting up the fingers. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

Have a wonderful weekend.

If you miss me, I'll probably be out in the yard raking. And raking. And raking. And raking.


Mimi said...

Love the purple! I've never tried gloves with fingers. Thought I did good to get a thumb in a mitten once.

Have fun with the yard work. I need to pick up pecans before anyone tackles the leaves.

Sheri said...

Love that purple! I've never used Malabrigo Sock yarn but I love the worsted.
I'm with Mimi, no raking until I get all the pecans picked up and with my sinuses? I really hate that job!
Did you know your little stitch holders come in 2 sizes? I love them, use them for everything and never don't have one in my knitting bags. Great little things.
Happy Raking! :o)

minipurl said...

That's what I get for reading your posts from newest to oldest. Great minds think alike? Oh well, it's very handy to do so ;0
But seriously folks, that yarn is wonderful and the name makes me hungry....everything does. Grape M&Ms, perhaps?