Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can't spell glove without love

I made good progress on the finger(tip)less gloves over the weekend. It was nice to have the quiet time to spend with them as those fingers do get rather fiddly.

Just as I suspected this finer, multicolored yarn was not as forgiving when working the fingers. Invariably any wonky stitch ended up being worked with a light spot in the yarn which just accented it. Still I'm satisfied with them and think they will work out fine for my sweetie.

I love this baby cable cuff and hope I can remember it for the next pair of plain socks. I think just a few inches of this; maybe four 4-row repeats, would be great as the top ribbing to a pair.

The yarn, Malabrigo sock, is wonderfully soft and has been a joy to knit.


Sheri said...

So pretty. I still haven't gotten to the fingertips on mine. Guess it'll have to wait till after the holidays. Seems my kids have all moved in or will be, for the month of December. No quiet for fiddly work here. Hope mine come out half as good as yours.

Mary said...

They look terrific. What a great color. I like the clever use of stitch markers.

Mimi said...

These are just special.

minipurl said...

They will certainly come in handy, pun intended.