Sunday, April 10, 2011


This may not be done by Easter! I've already had to back up about 2-3 rows to get back on track and now I've messed up again. This is where I think charts have an advantage over written instructions. In a chart you can see at a glance what stitch is directly over a stitch below. On these edging rounds, the instructions have me shifting from one to three stitches to the right each round. All of these rounds also have double yarnovers, which, on these rounds unlike those in the body of the piece, are treated as one stitch. I knit the first and drop the second. Everything seemed to be working fine until I got to this row and I became unsure that I was on track. In double-checking, I lost a stitch or two. Nothing to do but TINK back and try to find my place.


Sheri said...

Must be cause you ate the last 4 of those wonderful knitters companions called M&M's! Hurry, find more. :o)

trailbee said...

Working again on E Clark's Swallowtail Shawl - at the 12th repeat, and somehow made a mistake. Took out four rows and finally ended up going to my Swallowtail guru for damage control. Thank goodness for charts, which I first learned of with this shawl. I love the written word, but for pattern instructions, well, not so much.
I did go to the Gloria Penning blog and found it wonderful. The free download has no chart, though, right.

Yesterukes said...

Ever wish you could "tink" back in life sometimes?