Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cherry Garcia Socks

Pattern: Basic Adult Socks by Deirdre Wallace; an Ann Norling Pattern
Yarn: Meilenweit* Multiringel - color 5030
which reminded me of chocolate ('course most things do!) and cherries
so I named them after a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor that I've never even tried
Needles: Size 2 Inox dpns

I started these out with the 3x2 deep rib that Nancy Bush uses in her Gentleman's Plain Sock (in "Knitting Vintage Socks" book) but on fewer stitches. When I decided I would substitute the regular heel and toe from my Ann Norling pattern, I decided I should really probably NOT link this to Nancy's pattern. I mean there was very little left of her vintage pattern!

This Ann Norling pattern was the first sock pattern I used and one recommended to me by the yarn shop I visited. It is written for three weights of yarn and has specific numbers at each stage of the sock. It was a perfect introduction to sock knitting, for me at least.

These socks took me all summer and served as my travel or visiting project, never getting more that a few rounds at time knit. I deliberately did not try to match up the stripes. I thought they were more fun not being exactly matching. I'm hoping the recipient is equally amused.

I finished them up on Saturday, September 11 and it was another very HOT day so I decided to include my vintage church fan in the photo. In fact I later learned it set a record high temp for this day. I'm not surprised. Whew! This has been such a long, hot summer.


minipurl said...

Beautiful :)
And the fan brings back such memories!

YesterUkes said...

That's one of my favorite ice cream flavors! I've been wanting to learn to knit socks. Maybe this should be my starting place.

Paula said...

I like that you did not try to match the stripes! I didn't even notice at first but the socks are more interesting that way. And the color rocks!

Sheri said...

Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry's is my sons favorite flavor! I'm with you, I'd rather have chocolate, but I do love your socks. They're red!
Hot is going to cook us all but atleast the evenings are cooling off. That's a start. What a horrible summer!!!!!!