Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take Out

"Dear Rob bring the sled
and come down tomoro
[sic] I am afraid they are
getting tired of this

I slipped out of the office and made a quick walk through one of the antique shops on the square. I do love a vintage postcard so it was no wonder I purchased this one as it was only 50 cents. There is definite fold right at the line separating the message from the address, but otherwise it is in nice shape. I cannot tell if the postmark reads 1902 or 1909. It was addressed to Mr. Robert Thorpe - OhioPyle, Pa

I always wonder about the messages on postcards and this one really gets me to wondering. It was mailed to an address in the same small town from which it was postmarked. Ray is asking Rob to bring the sled. Since it is postmarked in February, does this mean Ray is snowed in and has maybe overstayed his welcome? If so how is it he had a postcard and postage at hand? Perhaps he borrowed it from his hosts as well. Or maybe he is mailing from home and only needs Rob to bring the sled to help him move something else? Any thoughts?


Mary said...

Hmmm. . . something to think about. Maybe Rob is a schoolteacher and it's snowy and the kids need a diversion.

Mary said...

I meant Ray--the postcard writer--not Rob.

Sheri said...

I think it says 1902 and I think since they live in Pennsylvania Ray got snowed in and where ever he is they're tired of him being there, time to go home. Bob's from PA and they had snow up to the windowsills and that was just a "regular old snowstorm." Fun to wonder about though.

YesterUkes said...

Wonder if kids today even know what a postcard is?