Saturday, July 28, 2007


I might as well officially drop out of the lace club (Atlanta Chapter of The International Old Lacers), because I just don't ever seem to make it to the monthly meetings. I used to look forward to them so much. But times and circumstances change.
I joined when my daughter was a preschooler. Then I needed time away; time to spend with like-minded people. Then, too, it was meeting in a library in my county. Now it seems like I need more time at home, to sit in the quiet and lose myself in my handwork and I often come to resent the time it takes away from that to drive to and from the meetings which are now held further away.

That said, I do really miss seeing the projects that people are working on and feeding off the energy and excitement generated in seeing what someone else is creating.

Today I missed yet another meeting and instead had a wonderful substitute with another AWOL member, Pat.

Pat is my handwork HERO. Pat does everything and does it so well. I always remember the first time I met Pat, at the lace club, as she was showing a hand towel she had just completed. It was handwoven and the edge was decorated in handmade bobbin lace. That's when I knew I was in the right place!

I sometimes feel like I am following a few years/miles behind Pat. She's always way ahead of me in projects and talent. But I see what she's doing and I know I want to try it someday and I keep hoping I'll get there. We are all on a continuum, I suppose.

Well, Pat is working on the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style (I may have talked her into it) and in beautiful jewel-toned Noro. I wanted to see it in person; in progress. I always do better with a hands-on demonstration. Visual Learning.
[Pat's Lady E in progress]

So Pat and I met up, both with bulging bags and had a mini-meeting. No Business. No Bylaws. No Problem.

All in all a perfect meeting!

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Mary said...

Pat's Lady Eleanor is beautiful! Great colors. So, when will you begin yours??