Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Thoughts Sublime

Feb. 7, 19??
(postmark too faint to read)
Hello Henrietta: -
how are you, Im fine and I hope you are the same.  Well supose you are having some good time out hear.  How does this weather suite you  it fine, I supose taking in all the good times the same hear.  So by by. [sic]
(signed at top left)
From a Friend of yours E.M.
ans soon
I do wonder about this writer, especially her age.  The card, although a tiny bit worn at a corner, was just too wonderful to pass up - the pansy, the bright colors, that ribbon.  Ah, all so nice.


Mimi said...

I had actually looked at your blog earlier this morning, hoping to find a Valentine post. I was just a tad early.

Love your vintage post cards.

Mary said...

Such a pretty card.