Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a bit of Hardanger

The holidays are over.  I enjoyed a lovely time at the yearly holiday party with those talented lace makers.  Doris brought the tree and quickly decorated it with all the handmade ornaments.  Not a single one was from me.  I thought I'd better get that remedied so I pulled out my pattern for my favorite little angel, a Hardanger piece designed by Rita Tubbs.  It is included in the book Hardanger Christmas by Janice Love.  Here it is with embroidery complete but not yet cut away from the surrounding linen.  I wouldn't be surprised if it lingers in this state for some time! Sigh. 

I had such FUN stitching her and was reminded, once again, how much I enjoy this style of embroidery and I did a few other small pieces while I was in the mood and had the chance.  Naturally I then also pulled out lots of my other patterns and dreamed of doing a big piece.  Perhaps later in the year I will.  Fingers crossed.

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