Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Fray

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. from the song "All at Once" by The Fray

Oh the edging on this current WIP is endless. Endless.

The 24-round edging I've chosen is an easy and repetitive one. It is a very basic 10-stitch repeat; all odd-numbered rounds the same and all even-numbered rounds plain knit. And, unlike the one on the Facing Lilies Stole, requires no shifting of markers.

In Knitted Lace of Estonia, Nancy Bush recommends doing at least 16 rounds on edges added this modern way. I'm on round 17 and the ball of yarn is getting much smaller. I am beginning to think I won't be able to get all 24 rounds done. So I'm just trying to stick with it until I no longer have any yarn. At this point I am cheering on the yarn. Go, go, go!

But in the meantime, isn't that tin just so cheerful?


Mary said...

That is a pretty tin! How were the cookies that were in it? That yarn ball is looking awfully small. . . .

Mimi said...

Hoping your yarn is like the Magic Pot (my favorite story when I was little) and just keeps making more yarn as you go! Love that color.