Sunday, February 26, 2012

F stop

This post brought to you by the Letter F.
.........and a few Ms : )

The shawl is Finished. Finally. [Well, it hasn't been blocked. It is soaking right now.]

Fun? Not always, but fortunately the pattern was pleasing.
Fast? Faster than I expected.
Facile? Pattern, yes, yarn no, a bit fuzzy because it is alpaca. And, even though it was a cobweb weight, it was a two-ply and easy to split causing me to fume more than I like.

This was the little ball of yarn just before I started the long bind off. For the ediging I only did 22 rounds instead of 24. I feared at the start of the bind off that I might not have enough, but I did. I might have even had enough to do the final two rounds but I just couldn't face the anxiety. I think the edging will be generous as is.

At any rate, I'm free to move on to the next fibery project. Should be
fun. I'll be using a fabulous fingering weight yarn called Finch.


ssshauna said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and was blown away! Is there anything you don't do!!!??? Wow!
I have marked it as a favourite and hope to spend some time learning about your skills. Keep up the outstanding work!

Mary said...

Well that was fun to read!

Mimi said...