Sunday, October 9, 2011

Acero Stole

Add ImagePattern: Copper Queen Beaded Stole
13" x 60"
designed by Renee Leverington
included in "Successful Lace Knitting: Celebrating the work of Dorothy Reade"
book by Donna Druchunas

Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero
60% superwash wool / 20% silk / 20% viscose
in a lovely dark green: 9AC

Needles: Size 6 KnitPicks Options circular

I started this project back in mid-January and it spent much of that time in a ZipLoc bag just because I didn't enjoy the stitches. This should not be a reflection on the pattern. I like the pattern and think it was a good match for this yarn, but you've heard me say already that I grew very tired of all the 'through the back loop' knitting.

You'll notice the name of the pattern is Copper Queen Beaded Stole and the project in the book is knit in a beautiful rich copper color of J&S Shetland wool. It is also more of a true stole size of 21" x 85". I confess to never measuring gauge in lace projects and I knew from the cast on of only 61 stitches that mine was unlikely to be as wide, so I'm not sure mine can really be called a stole. It is more of an awkward scarf! And minus the beads as well! The design shows just a few beads in the end borders and then loops of seed beads between the end picots. I like how they look on the original but I probably won't be adding them to mine. I can just see me getting them caught in something.

I bought two skeins of this wonderful Acero yarn at the Brooks Farm booth at SAFF last October. I had used it once before for a gift and loved it. When I saw two lone skeins in their booth in my favorite dark green, I grabbed them. I love how the mix of fibers take the dye differently. My photo above isn't great, but you can see this better in my Oct. 2 post. The drape after blocking is wonderful.

There are several other designs in this book that I just love, so perhaps in time I'll feel ready to tackle another.


Mimi said...

This is so lovely. Makes me want to knit lace because I would love something like this. And makes me not want to knit lace because your stole is terrifyingly beautiful. I would be afraid of complete disaster.

But one day I'm going to try. And then turn it into socks or something if it doesn't go well! So nice to have a hobby that allows second chances.

Mary said...

Sonja, the stole is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Sheri said...

Love this one too! Beautiful.

trailbee said...

This is gorgeous. Thank you for persevering. I do the same thing - for lace I seldom follow the guage - just sort of eyeball the needle and go with it. I have lived to regret it! :)
Thank you for dropping by and leaving the message. I, too, have been BUSY and not even participated much in my rav group. I ripped my sock out Tuesday and the pair has to be done by 11.0l! Ouch.
I'm going to the local Quilt Show tomorrow to drool.

minipurl said...

Absolutely gorgeous :)