Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nature walk

Well it was rather foggy the other morning when I went out for my walk. I'll take foggy over steamy any day. Besides it made it feel quieter and certainly more October-like.

When I spotted this large and intricate spider web I decided to return home for my camera so you could see it, too.

I wondered how long it took the spider to make? People are always curious, aren't they, about how long the things we do take to make?

I generally don't have any idea. Time with stringplay is not to be measured. The rest of my day may be spent rushing to and fro trying to squeeze in just one more errand or chore, but not the stringplay.

I wonder if this spider used Emily Ocker's circular cast on? Probably not, but it is a handy thing to know!

Moonbeam steps down the silken ladder
Woven by Mrs. Spider
To ask her to spin him a net
To catch the stars.
......Hilda Conkling


Mimi said...

Beautiful web!

Love your thoughts about time.

Bonnie said...

What a great photo and post! Thank you.

minipurl said...

Wonderful verse :)
If my dear husband had been there, he'd have put a large sheet of paper behind Mrs. Spider's masterpiece, grabbed his trusty can of spray paint and, voila!! A lovely reminder of the web.

Ever the biology teacher :)

Mary said...

Nature's lace. Very pretty!

Sheri said...

I know they're fast and I only wish I could knit as fast as she can spin! Great picture!