Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rahakiri Stole

Stitch pattern from "The Haapsalu Shawl" (p 157 - Rahakiri)
with edging from "Knitted Lace of Estonia" (p 154 - Modern 24-round lace edge)
27" x 56"

Yarn: Lace-a-licious by J. Knits
cobweb - 100% hand dyed alpaca
1200 yds/113 grams ; almost all of it
color name: Washington
[no link - I don't think still available]

Needles: Size 2 addi Lace

This stitch pattern is one of the old ones and, unlike many Haapsalu designs, contains no nupps. I thought the larger areas of stockinette would work well with this yarn and I liked that it was not directional.

In Estonian, raha = money and kiri=pattern. I suppose the roundish areas could be coins but this was not mentioned in the book.

This is the widest stole I've knit and I'm quite pleased with the finished dimensions. However the book instructs one to plan for a proportion of 1:3 and mine is close to 1:2. Still it is a good size for me. Since I knit the edging on in the round it is not a true Haapsalu shawl anyway. Perhaps one day I'll knit in the true manner, possibly if I ever do a large square.

Such an uninspired photo I know, but it does show the color fairly well and gives a reasonable idea of the size.


Bonnie said...

It came out beautifully! Brava!

Alise said...

beautiful shawl! good job you did! you made it for yourself?

minipurl said...

It is simply gorgeous!! The color of azaleas.