Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Over the edge

I have mentioned before being intrigued by the articles in Piecework magazine on Turkish oya. Those articles concerned the needlelace oya, but there are other methods including tatted oya and beaded oya.

They all have specific names
Tig oya: motifs made with crochet hook
Mekik oya: a form of tatted lace
Firkete oya: hairpin lace
Boncuk oya: made with beads
Igne oya: intricate and delicate floral motifs

I received the most wonderful book at Christmas, The Beaded Edge. The Japanese author, Midori Nishida, has three books of edgings published and Interweave Press has translated one into English.

True string PLAY and I have been having SO MUCH FUN playing around with some of the designs. As that link to Interweave said, these designs combine BASIC crochet stitches and beads.

Now I've never crocheted much. I have a Harmony Guide which has diagrams and truly diagrams are my only hope with this technique and still once I get past double crochet it gets rather hopeless.

If you've seen any of the Japanese craft books, then you know that they usually have wonderful diagrams and step-by-step instructions. This one is like that. The directions are very clear and the stitches are basic.

String + Beads = Fun.

If you click on the Interweave link above and then on the Preview tab, you can see some of the pages inside the book and at the bottom there is a link to a YouTube video of one of the designs from start to finish. All in Japanese, but with very soothing music.

So, what do I plan to do with these edgings? I haven't a clue. I only know I need to make more of them.


Mimi said...

This is GORGEOUS! Could be jewelry. I especially love the little motifs in the last photo.

Mary said...

Fabulous! isn't is amazing how you're carrying on a Turkish tradition here the US thanks to a Japanese book?!

trailbee said...

We seem to do well when we are motivated by something specific. I took a tatting class last summer, but because I was knitting, I laid it aside and forgot most of it. Signed up for the same class last Wednesday and I was the only person on the list. I'm going to have to pull my tatting things out and do it on my own. All this for? Looking at your projects, I envy your many forays into all sorts of things. Great start for 2012. :)

minipurl said...

They are beautiful. What a perfect Christmas present for you to receive.