Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Bag - Take Two

Remember that quick summer satchel I recently made with the Eco-Cotton? I used it once and decided I didn't like it.

The pattern was nice and the yarn was fine for the pattern, but I didn't like using the bag.

It was long and everything I put inside wound up in a heap at the very bottom. Every time I needed my wallet or keys, I had to paw and churn through it all. Oh, and my keys and ink pens did tend to poke through the nice lace detail. Oops.

Finally last weekend I undid the bind off and rewound the yarn. I'm trying a different pattern, the free Brea Bag on Berroco's website. It is a much more shallow crescent shape. I'm enjoying the very clever Norah Gaughan pattern - so far. I still have to knit the other side and a long moss stitch gusset and then SEAM them together.

I'm about as fond of seaming as I am of blocking wires.


Yesterukes said...

Your hands are never still. This is going to be beautiful.

Sheri said...

I bet it'll be beautiful! Can't wait to see your new finished bag!

Mary said...

That's going to be a very cute bag. Is that your new project bag in the photo? Very pretty!