Monday, February 22, 2010

Blast from the past

A visitor arrived today. Sort of.

Mary told me in an e-mail that she was sending me a few things from the boxes of her Aunt Ellie's needlework supplies.

They arrived today and what FUN to look through them all! I saved the packages until I had my afternoon coffee made and it was a treat to see what was inside.

Remember iron-on embroidery transfers?

There was a whole package of them. I had the best time looking through those and already have an idea of something I'd like to do.

I never met Mary's aunt. (Heck, I've never even actually met Mary!) We would have gotten along great I think and would have had much to talk about since it is apparent we share some interests.

A quote from the book there in the back, "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing" 1946

"It's the inalienable right of every baby to look adorable. And it's the privilege of every mother, aunt, grandmother and friend-of-the-family to make sure of this. Whether it is for your own special bundle of bliss or somebody else's blessed event, making things for a baby with your own hands comes under the department of pure pleasure."

I could hardly believe it when I saw this as the first paragraph of chapter 10 - Stork Set. I have that quote in my index card file, copied from a magazine years ago and I use it every time I give a handmade baby gift. I immediately pulled out my index card and sure enough it was credited to this book.

What treasures. Thank you Mary.


Mary said...

I'm sure Aunt Ellie is pleased and smiling at you!

minipurl said...

What a wonderful quote. I love those little books so much...learned to crochet from mine.
Mary, you are so cool and I already love Aunt Ellie.
What a treasure trove for you to journey through all those wonderful things.

Sheri said...

I love your quotes! The one about the snow is still my favorite, so far.
Love the hat, and it sounds like you may be needing it again for the rest of this week. Can they really be saying snow for tomorrow? Uh! It's cold up here in this end of the state.
I have a box of transfers from old Work Basket magazines. Funny, hadn't thought about them in ages.

kaylace said...

Hey Sonja
Just getting caught up on your life.

The mystery box had some wonderful treasures in it, right up your alley. I know that the contents will give you hundreds of hours of pleasure.

The hat is great but I'll have to live vicariously through you... it is way beyond me at this point. Sure is great looking.

The "C" pictures are nifty... especially the old court house picture that you found some where.

Keep up the good work....