Monday, August 24, 2009

The Sound of Settling *

I had SO much fun knitting the Birch Leaf socks. Those were busy, busy socks with something going on all the time to keep a knitter's attention. Also it didn't hurt that the Brooklyn Handspun yarn was so yummy.

I had decided I'd only look for really yummy sock yarn on our trip, but nothing I found lived up to my expectations and I came home without any.

Not only that, I realized that August is practically over. [Where has this summer gone??] That means the Summer of Socks 2009 - which only runs until Sept. 1 - is almost over. I know it's all "low stress" and all, but one little pair of socks?? That didn't seem like much to show.

So I pulled out a ball of fairly boring self-striping sock yarn from the stash and started a really basic, plain sock. I'm going to be giving these away and to a non-knitter who, maybe, isn't that familiar with all the truly yummy sock yarn choices and won't feel as disappointed.

So is it "low stress" to try to get the pair done in the next 7 days?? It's madness, isn't it?

*from another Death Cab for Cutie song.


minipurl said...

From my neo-sock knitter point of view: it is truly madness. Mad, I tell you!!!!!
Have fun.

Sheri said...

It takes me more like 6 weeks to do one pair of socks, so I'd say whoever gets them is very, very lucky!